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DIY project: Child's Bedroom- repainting old book shelve and bed unite.

So far this summer seems to be very promising with sunny weather and as we just moved houses, I decided to update and improve my children's bedroom furniture.

This set is from Ikea which used to belong to my oldest daughter who now is "too old" for a bunk bed so it was perfect choice to put it in my sons room. He is starting primary school this year ( already!) and I was looking for something army style and quirky . I found the image of "Follow your own path" art print by Little Blue Zebra filled with different animal footprints in camouflage style so I decided to recreate it and put my own twist to it. Firstly I sanded and painted the white surfaces like bed frame, table and stairs olive green and then I created art print on panels, there was a tiny scratch you can see in images of process which i covered with art mural.

With Book shelve which was old whote colour, i sanded it and paimted chakly green and added gold brushed elements to it, to fit under bedroom table.

What do you think guys?

Summer is perfect for DIY projects especially if your busy mom like me, no school runs and longer days can inspire for a change:)


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