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Wall Mural Painting for Wood Street Indoor Market-East London

The market is located in East london- Walthamstow I was commissioned to paint a mural on 25x 3metre long wall, it was one of the biggest challenges for me as an artist ,but I took it as large piece of canvas where I created my vision for the market.

The idea was to create a mural what represents elements and little boutiques in market, it has to be diverse, different and fun ,and also show a bit of history

I wanted to create colourful mural what brightens up the places its quite dark, has diversity from vintage to modern, combine fairytale, urban, decorative, typography elements.

It took me 22 days to create and finish the mural.

 I started with 3 sketch drawings, one in colour, and 2 in pencil; 

transferred pencil drawings by scaling up the sketch onto wall using pencil,for large areas and background i used outdoor paint, and on the top i used Fred Aldous Acrylic paints, which i found really pigmented and high quality , 

as well they were really helpful with advice, check out their site for diversity of colours ->

I used satin top coat on areas I wanted to highlight and gold/ bronze paint to write the symbols of the shops in market.

 Large scale print images by

Here are some behind the scenes images and stages of painting.

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